1. All the colors

  2. Nothing like one cosmo, or two… before u start managing a bunch of kids trying to raise money for charity…

  3. Found my new beach bag!!

  4. His & Hers

  5. If u ruin any of these babies, I will probably kill u. Actually, I will kill u, slowly =))

  6. I like my docs like how I like my man, black =))

  7. Sexy baby octopus, and delicious too!

  9. I can hear the summer calling my name =))

    #chanel #espadrilles

  10. Shoutouts to neiman marcus #chanel #espadrilles

  11. Sweet baby jesus this is good!!

  12. That 2 for $4 special tho

    #mcdonalds #breakfast

  13. Wake up in the morning feeling like p diddy

  14. Cancelled night class, no homework, and a salad bowl, what a perfect night


  15. Yes/No